La Bisbal de Falset

is a village situated at the north of the Priorat region, in the province of Tarragona.

Built on a rock, La Bisbal looks to the Natural Park of the “Serra del Montsant” and to the river with the same name.

Set in a privileged natural environment, La Bisbal de Falset is a village renowned for its tranquillity and, as said by one of our customers, because “you can hear the silence”. Fields of crops mainly devoted to growing olives, vegetables and fruit trees surround the urban core.

In the village of the Natural Park of Montsant, from La Bisbal you can make a lot of excursions to discover the Range. Its high cliffs and monoliths with spectacular shapes characterize Montsant. In some sections of the gorges deep gorges, caves and potholes have been formed.

At Montsant there are many hermitages that attest to the name of the Range: “Holy Mountain” and testify a mysticism that pervades the whole mountain.

La Bisbal de Falset: